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Who is She Makes Moves?

Valencia Andrews, affectionately known as Coach VEE, is a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary leader empowering female entrepreneurs to achieve unparalleled success. Her journey began as a caregiver, but her passion for entrepreneurship led her to launch her own entertainment management company in 2016. Inspired by her knack for "always making moves," she embraced this ethos, ultimately founding She Makes Moves Enterprises in 2019. Valencia brings compassion, strategic thinking, and unwavering confidence to her coaching practice, providing personalized guidance and actionable strategies to help clients unlock their full potential. More than a coach, she's a catalyst for transformation and a relentless advocate for empowerment. Join Valencia on the path to success – make bold moves with Coach VEE!

What Our Clients Say


"I highly recommend She Makes Moves Enterprises to anyone who is starting a business or needs help in the process. Valencia is a hands on mentor/coach who customizes programs to fit individual client needs. She is an exceptional source to help you accomplish a successful business plan."

Rodrick Byers

"Major shoutout to She Makes Moves Enterprises for being such a gem and a sweet soul. I was trying to hide and chill but she wasn't going for it. She threw the mic in my hand which converted to more book sales, more connections, and more importantly another opportunity to share my gift with others.

If you're looking for a coaching resource as a business owner, whatever you can think of to better yourself and your overall wellbeing, she's your person. Make sure you connect with her as she's been impactful all over the country and now making major moves in the Carolinas!"
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